Spiritual Education and Enrichment for All

Looking to enrich your experience of the world in a restorative setting? S.E.E. Week in the Woods 2019 can deliver! UCP is hosting 6 courses from Unity's Spiritual Education and Enrichment curriculum during the week of March 25-29, 2019. All are welcome - from the novice seeker on consciousness to the seasoned veteran looking to fulfill their requirements for ministerial school.

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March 25-29, 2019 (Monday - Friday)

  • 6 courses
  • In person or via Zoom (limited availability)
  • Wellness options
  • Lunch and Dinner available on site (register in advance)
  • Outdoor Sacred Spaces
  • Walking trails

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  • Bible Interpretation - Hebrew Scriptures

    Beneath the literal sense of the Bible, interpreters have for over 2,000 years discerned allegorical meanings related to divine truths and spiritual realities. Unity’s approach to scripture is connected to that stream of thought, which has at times been “mainstream” but more often “esoteric” and mystical. Students will experience the rewarding and surprisingly practical process of the Unity way of Bible interpretation. They will learn a step-by-step method for metaphysical interpretation and application of the meanings to their lives. Students will metaphysically interpret selected passages from Hebrew Scriptures.

    Class Times: 10AM-11:50AM, M-F
    Instructor: Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck
    Required Resources: Bible - New Revised Standard Version; The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary OR TruthUnity.net; The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore (book or free digital version)
    Course Number: SCS 110
  • Metaphysics 4

    In this advanced course, the student will further investigate and apply the Truth they have learned in the previous metaphysics courses (HTS 105, HTS 110, HTS 115). This course summarizes and organizes metaphysical teachings so that Truth may be demonstrated in their life. Through the consistent use of these practical principles, the student will consciously transform their life and realize more of their spiritual potential.

    Class Times: 1PM - 2:50PM, M-F
    Instructor: Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck
    Course Number: HTS 140
  • Metaphysics 1

    This course explores some of Unity’s fundamental Principles as well as the highest form of mind action, prayer. Students will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ it in your everyday life.

    Class Times: 3:30PM - 5:20PM, M-F
    Instructor: Rev. Mindy Tucker
    Recommended Materials: Heart Centered Metaphysics - Rev. Paul Hasselbeck; Lessons in Truth - Emilie Cady
    Course Number: HTS 105
  • Conversation Skills

    Conversation Skills is a course that enhances effective communication skills to include the ability to stay in dialogue when emotions are driving us to “shout out” or “shut down.” This course provides knowledge and tools for listening, creating connection and facilitating dialogue in tough, emotional situations. The principles and models taught are aligned with spiritual practices. The class is based on the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which includes: taking responsibility for our own experience; commitment to increasing our awareness of our own feelings and needs as well as those of the people with whom we interact; and having the capacity to be authentic and compassionate in all circumstances.

    Class Times: 3:30PM - 5:20PM, M-F
    Instructor: Rev. Dr. Nickie Golden
    Required Resources: Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, mcMillan and Switzer; Nonviolent Communications by Marshall B Rosenberg, 2nd Edition
    Course Number: SPD 112
  • Foundations of Unity

    We will explore basic principles from Lessons in Truth, Discover the Power and other historical texts in Unity. Our purpose is to build consciousness, to increase our knowledge, and to learn to apply the basic principles in our daily lives.

    Class Times: 7PM - 9:30PM, M-R
    Instructor: Rev. Dr. Nickie Golden
    Required Resources: Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady; Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth; The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore (online version available)
    Course Number: HTS 100
  • Discerning Your Purpose

    The spiritual path diverges in many ways. Discerning which path to take is both a reflective and an action-packed process. In this course, we take a look at our strengths and abilities, as well as, our desires and passions to help to determine what actions to take or better yet, to discover the questions. Getting to a full-bodied ‘yes’ may be a desired outcome for some, while for others may find forming the questions for clarity more beneficial. Being on the path of your purpose is enlivening and fulfilling, and it also comes with real-life challenges. How do we navigate this terrain?
    Discerning Your Purpose provides a process for challenging your thoughts and desires along with accountability steps to manifest that achievement. Students will explore their skills, abilities and spiritual gifts while discovering the ‘next steps’ for progressing to the desired outcome.

    Class Times: 7PM - 9:30PM, M-R
    Instructor: Rev. Mindy Tucker
    Recommended Materials: Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Leovy (any edition)