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Hulu: Upgrade Your Manifestation Power!

Thu, June 13 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Shamanic traditions of both South America and the Hawaiian Islands point us to paths that support our deepening understanding of our spiritual reality.  We are creator beings of infinite realities, but the veil of illusion imposed by the material realm prevents us from enjoying this creative spiritual capacity.  Hulu, the Hawaiian shamanism term for feather, used to clear the veil of the illusion of separation from the mind, is a class designed for those open and looking for new techniques of understanding and spiritual connection.  In this class, you will learn to recognize and transcend the conscious and subconscious energy and beliefs currently blocking the consistent use of your power of manifestation. Join us to learn for yourself how a clearer, stronger and deeper connection to your higher consciousness will allow you to more easily manifest your own well-being.

Facilitated by Oswaldo Mora, an Ecuadorian shaman initiated in Hawaiian shamanism, Hulu will give you the necessary tools to realize the next steps in your manifestation journey and connect with the Divine Consciousness, the only supplying source in the universe. Class meets four Thursdays at 7pm, May 23, 30, June 6 and 13.  $20 per class or $60 for the series.  Contact Oswaldo at with questions.


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