UCP Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Items for RentSeating CapacityNon-member costDescription

Sanctuary (includes use of kitchen, deck and sacred spaces)

80 $40 per hour up to 5 hours
$250 per day

We have six(6) 6ft. rectangular tables which seats a total of 36 people comfortably (3 on each side); add 2 people to each end for a total of 48 people.

Chapel (includes use of kitchen, deck and sacred spaces

12 $15 per hour up to 5 hours
$125 per day
Upstairs Classrooms (not for rent)      

Kitchen/Deck Only (we do not have a commercial kitchen)

  $10 per hour

Use of kitchen includes use of coffee makers, microwave/ oven/stove to heat or re-heat food; temporary food storage in refrigerator; serving of non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, catered or buffet style food

Non-members use of dishwasher is not allowed

Non-member use of UCP dishes, pots/pans, silverware and tablecloths is not allowed; you must bring your own

Setup and Break-down  

$15 per  hour

Use of Piano  


non-refundable fee

Use of Sound System and Equipment



non-refundable fee

Fee includes showing renter and/or qualified sound person how to use the sound system. Also includes use of UCP microphones and stands.

A UCP Sound Technician may be hired for the event for a separate fee.

UCP Sound Technician   $15 per hour

Includes setup of microphones, sound check and technical assistance.

Includes technical assistance for entire event and break-down of equipment at event end.



  1. UCP offers a 20% discount for UCP members.
  2. UCP offers a 10% discount to non-profit organizations. Must show valid documentation of non-profit status.
  3. Discounts do not apply to UCP Sound Technician
  4. Daily rates are the same as above for weddings.

Updated 11/30/2014